Patience, perseverance & dedication

Coaching, especially coaching within Special Olympics, presents a great many challenges
for individuals thinking about joining the coaching ranks.

Coaching in Special Olympics requires a great deal of patience, perseverance and dedication. It also demands you have a command of the rules, techniques and skill base of the sport you are interested in coaching.

Individuals interested in coaching for Special Olympics should contact Special Olympics Wisconsin or the Ozaukee County Special Olympics organization for application materials.

There will be a mandatory background check and completion of a short online protective training program prior to admission into the coaching ranks.

Coaching Opportunities Available:


The Head Coach is a trained and certified coach in a particular sport charged with the administration of that sport. Head Coaches generally have 10 years of coaching experience but there are some with less.


Coach is an individual who has completed the training and certification requirements for the sport they are training in. Certification requires attendance to a one day training program and 10 hours of supervised internship.


An Assistant Coach is an individual who has completed the entry requirements but has yet to complete the certification process. All coaches are encouraged to achieve certification. Many of our local high school athletes who volunteer their time coaching teams are in this category.


These are individuals who have coached for over 10 years or more and know a great deal about coaching in Special Olympics. We are fortunate to have a few Senior Coaches with the Ozaukee County Special Olympics.

Becoming a Coach


The first step in becoming a coach is to get registered as a Special Olympics volunteer.
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