Ross' Corner

Muscles For Mel’s

By Ross Rintelman  |  September 19, 2023
Attention: Ozaukee County Special Olympics athletes
breaking news to share that there is the newest event coming up on Saturday, September 30th, if you are interested in participating, which is called muscles for Mel’s it is a 24-hour fitness event at Dropout Athletics to celebrate the love for fitness & the unbelievable fitness community we have created in Milwaukee, to attempt to work out for 24 hours straight with a new workout every hour on the hour, we wanted to creating the dream of allowing anyone to sign up for one or as many workouts as they would like. With all proceeds going to Mel’s charities.
Here’s where it gets even more exciting :
We are going to have a 2-3 hr segment where Ozaukee County Special Olympics Power Lifting team & SOFit are going to come into Dropout for their practice where we can support & cheer them on, also believe this can be a massive charitable event moving forward not only for our fitness community, but what if we open this idea to every gym in Milwaukee or Wisconsin or even the entire country.
Their was a great story about Zach Debour that he just ran 100 mile ultramarathon : 100 miles in 24 hours at Kettle Moraine Lagrange, Wisconsin. He just wanted to start a new program called Muscles for Mel’s & Mel’s Charities being a huge apart of this also wanted to invite Ozaukee County Special Olympics of their power lifting team & SOFit program wanted to participate to workout for a great cause.
thank you,
Mr, Ross Rintelman