Ross' Corner

Sprewer Classic 2023

By Ross Rintelman  |  February 17, 2023
attention :  Ozaukee County Special Olympics
First of all we want to thank the MKE Rec department of Milwaukee public schools to help run of the team Milwaukee Special Olympics for hosting Brandon Sprewer classic basketball tournament on this two day classic sporting event in honoring & memory of Brandon Sprewer by which they do this every year in the month of February, not only for Ozaukee County but all other teams completing in this tournament, it was held at Harold S. Vincent high school on February 4th-5th 2023.
Their would be a attachment of all the games that they all played, but thank you all with great loyal fans that who came out to cheer on our teams for Ozaukee County Special Olympics, up next is the Region 8 regional basketball tournament held at Homestead High school Sunday, March 5th 2023 please save this date.
Thank you,
Mr. Ross Rintelman