Ross' Corner

Swim Coaches Needed!!

By Ross Rintelman  |  December 1, 2022

Coaching Position(s) Available
The Ozaukee County Aquatics Team will need 1-2 assistant coaches for the 2023 season.
Our season will begin January 7th, 2023 and end May 1st, 2023. (SOWI has shortened our season.)
Our home pool is the Post Washington Aquatics Center at the Thomas Jefferson Middle School in Port Washington (of course).
Our alternative is the Grafton High School pool.
We practice on Saturdays from 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM.
Experience in coaching competitive swimming is desired.
Lifeguard/Water Safety Instructor certification is not required but emergency preparedness is a requirement.
An assistance coach is an “in-water” instructor focused on varying degrees of athlete skills and abilities.
Interested candidates may contact Anthony Werth for further information.



ozaukee county special olympics is looking for coaching position/s/available for the ozaukee county county aquatics team which we need 1-2 assistant coaches for the 2023 season.
our season will begin january 7th, 2023 & end may 1st 2023, / sowi has shortend our season./ our home pool is the post washington aquatics center at the thomas jefferson middle school in port washington / of course /. our alternative is the grafton high school pool.
practices is on saturdays from 9:00 am-10:30 am if we have a experience coaching in competittive swimming if desire, lifeguard/ water safety instructor certification is not required but for emergency preparedness that is requirement.
we should have a assistance coach is an “in-water” instructor foused on varying degress of athlete skills & abilities, interstead candidates may contact anthony werth for further information.
thank you,
mr, ross rintelman