Ross' Corner

Milwaukee Bucks Game!!! March 22nd

By Ross Rintelman  |  January 31, 2023
attenton : Ozaukee County special Olympics athletes & parents.
We are invited to the Milwaukee bucks game on Wednesday, March 22nd!!! are you interested to go? The tickets are $ 20.00 each,  the Bucks game starts at 7:00 pm. This year our special olympics athletes have five experiences available to them. please note that this is a first come first serve opportunity for local programs. anyone is allowed to join us for the bucks game but the below experiences to be signed up as a local program.

Anthem Buddies (15 athletes): Anthem Buddies will experience the thrill of standing on the hardwood next to the Milwaukee Bucks or opposing team players during the National Anthem.

Courtside Kids (10-12 athletes, two available): Courtside Kids will sit along the baseline of the court and watch players warm ups for approximately 15 minutes prior to tip-off.  No specific side/team guaranteed. 

Starting Line Up (7-10 athletes): Starting Line-Up participants will be placed on the court for the starting line-up announcements and slap hands with Milwaukee Bucks players as they are introduced.

Halftime Fan Tunnel (20 athletes): High five Tunnel participants will have the opportunity to slap hands with the Bucks players as they head out to the court after halftime.


Please contact Phil Konrath at for further information about the Milwaukee Bucks game.  We need all requests for tickets to Phil Konrath by 2/28/23.
Thank You,
Mr. Ross Rintelman